Calligraphy as Expression of Love | Unique Gifts Of Calligraphy

A gift: a special gift, a gift which communicates a showing of love, appreciation, and acknowledgement.  
Calligraphy: hand lettering, a form of expression, a communication that is both Art and Message.  

Unlike many gifts, a gift of Calligraphy is a thought put into permanence by the artistry of Calligraphy turning the message into Art.   Calligraphy takes both “the meaning in the words” plus “the beauty in the hand lettered style/colors” and turns it into a physical object ready for giving.  

The expression “Suitable for Framing” applies even more when the objects being framed are words which have special meaning for the lucky recipient.  Thoughts  from an event, a friendship, a love…  The hand lettering makes it personal, more human, a gift of both art and message.



In the example on this page, titled “The Swing”, we have the words coming from Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “The Swing”.   The three stanzas of four lines each become the “words” in hand lettered informal Italic style, and wih the choice of paper color and texture transforms the famous 90 year old poem into a "gift with personal meaning" ready for wrapping.  

Of notable difference in this unique personalized gift is the adding of a three dimensional object, i.e. “the swing” itself.   This is an example of the client working with her San Francisco Calligrapher, Adrienne Keats, to bring the “Act of showing Appreciation” to a higher level.  When Adrienne took on the project she thought outside box of "traditional two dimensional Calligraphic framed gift/announcements”.  Adrienne hand crafted a physical Swing, attached it to the piece, and created a most unqiue three dimensional Calligraphic gift.  Success, and another San Francisco Bay Area Calligraphy client pleased with the delivery of a unqiue and beautiful Calligraphic gift.

It has been said that Artists are best suited to deliver the messages which gets heard, Calligraphy is one of the mediums best suited for this.

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