Envelopes, Place Cards, Note Cards

Calligraphy can go on anything, any material plain or preprinted.  It is good to choose your surface and background carefully to compliment your Calligraphic message.  Here are examples of beautiful artwork found on regular notecards purchased at a good stationary store.

A slide show of Calligraphy being used for Envelopes, Place Cards & Notecards 

Place Card Settings bring the touch of class and caring right to the dinner table.

from dark to light

Here are some samples of Mixing Artwork on Preprinted Note Cards with Hand Lettered Calligraphy.

Wedding package Calligraphy


Hand Lettered Place Cards ready for your event


Another Way of Doing your Place Cards is creating a Seating Chart

seating chart example-Place Cards

A Calligraphic example of Silver Ink on a colored envelope, writing with a Pointed Pen, using Flourished Copperplate style.

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