Calligraphy is an art, an art which can be shared with your clients
in the form of a quality Wedding Invitations, announcements, 
personalized stationary or unique business cards. 


Or, fine calligraphy can be just for yourself as a hand lettered scroll, beautiful vows, or other personal, educational, or business framable document.  

flower girl with card in hand-Envelopes Place cards

On this site you will find over a hundred examples of fine calligraphy, some colored inks or colored papers.  There are even more calligraphy creations and styles of wedding invitations

Here is an example of Calligraphy used in Addressing Envelopes.  Calligraphy using Black ink on a white envelope makes for a Wow first impression.

envelope sample


Here is a different examples of Calligraphy using Gold ink ink or White ink on black paper
to add a certain air to an announcement.   

invitation-envelope-gold ink

Gold on Black Envelope


Calligraphy can also be used to create unique gifts.  Here is a an example of using calligraphy to bring Robert Lewis Stevenson’s poem ’The Swing’ into a personal gift with special meaning.  Unlike many gifts, a gift of Calligraphy is a thought put into permanence by the artistry of Calligraphy turning the message into Art.   Calligraphy takes both “the meaning in the words” plus “the beauty in the hand lettered style/colors” and turns it into a physical object ready for giving.   Click for more pictures of Calligraphy being used for quotations and poems.

Announcements really create an image when they are done with Calligraphy using colored Inks ink on colored papers just to add a certain air to an announcement.   Click for more pictures of Calligraphy used for announcements and invitations.

Business cards and calligraphy really team up well together.  For the image you want to create with your business use calligraphy to make your business card pop in your customer’s eyes.  The example below is of three business card using calligraphy.  Your printer just takes the Calligraphic sample and just blends it in with the rest of the card.  Click for more pictures of Calligraphy used for announcements and invitations.

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