Quotations Poems Vows & Certificates

Here are more examples of Calligraphy used for 
Quotations, Poems, Vows & Certificates



This quotation is a Perfect Mother’s Day gift.  To add excitement, Stickles Glitter Glue was used.


The Event:  Confirmation.  This is present in commemorization of her Confirmation.

Beautiful silver on black of Adonai prayer Hashkiveinu

Beautiful silver on black of Adonai prayer Hashkiveinu

36 x 12 framed recipe-quotations-900w

The Event:  A Wedding Present  This is a gift to a couple from the South who love Mint Julips


This is a multi-page Book of Love Poems given as a gift.


The upper left Poem was a reading at a wedding, and then for their Paper Anniversary a year later, given to them as a gift.  The lower quotation by Henry Thoreau was done in Formal Italic Calligraphic Style and given as a gift.


An example of poem done in Informal Italic Script Calligraphic Style and given as a gift at her retirement party.

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